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FEELS goal is to ensure our services provide businesses and the every day person have the right tools and support for financial long term success.


Consultation  - $10

-This is a 15-30 min consultation

-We will discuss your financial or business needs

-$10 will be refunded if you signup for a service   


Financial Coaching - $125/month

-Personal Finances

-Managing Cash Flow

-Monthly Expenses

-Credit Repair

-Creating Multiple Streams of Income

-Investment Expertise Etc

*This is the minimum price, price may vary depending on needs.


Learn How to Invest (1-2 hour session) - $175

There can be up to 2 people in the session

-We will cover the basics of the stock market

-You will develop your own investment strategy to fit your financial goals

-Receive stock terms eBook  

-Kevin will share the stocks in his portfolio

-Walkthrough of how to start your own personal portfolio

-One time fee

*POWERUP Community membership included


Business Consulting - $175 per month

-Company Finances

-Monthly and Annual Reports and Projections

-Account Operation and Management

-Managing Cash Flow and Accounts Payable & Receivable

-Monthly/Quarterly Goals

*This is the minimum base price. Price may vary depending on workload and business requests.


Start-up Business/Foundation: $200

-Financial business plan provided

  • Start-up costs

  • Structure of business

  • Equity

  • Owners/Team

  • Budget

  • Projected Revenue

  • Success Plan

-Guidance for business license, EIN #, trademark (if needed for logo)

*This price is only for ONE meeting. Once your business gets going, it’s suggested to sign up for the Business Consulting

Let's Work Together

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